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Unexpected form 
Locomot gallery 
Vienna 2014

In 2014, I took part in an exhibition curated by a nomadic gallery known as Locomot. Locomot operated without a fixed location, constantly seeking out new venues for its exhibitions. The group exhibition I was invited to was titled "Unexpected Form." To prepare for this event, I embarked on a virtual exploration of the Minecraft universe, browsing through various buildings that caught my eye. During my exploration, I encountered a magnificent castle called the "Kingdom of Coal" and reached out to its architect within the Minecraft community. The architect of the castle happened to be an 18-year-old French Canadian, who readily granted me permission to use his creation as inspiration. I meticulously drew the "Kingdom of Coal" from a frontal perspective, capturing the distinct square shapes characteristic of Minecraft structures. As I crafted the stencil, I focused on these square forms, enlarging them to A3 size to emphasize their significance. Each square, though slightly varied due to perspective, became part of a self-made hieroglyph system within the drawing. With over 500 stencils of these shapes meticulously cut and prepared, I proceeded to spray paint them onto paper using a harmonious blue color that complemented the lighting I intended to use for my installations. Filming the process from a bird's-eye view, I systematically stacked the painted papers into a pile, capturing the transformation of the virtual into the tangible. For the exhibition, I presented the videos on three screens arranged geometrically on the floor, alongside the light installation. This project symbolized my journey from the virtual realm to the physical, a process of extracting inspiration and bringing it to life.

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