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Transforming data into information
Künstlerhaus Salzburg  2010

The Salzburg Künstlerhaus holds a significant place in my artistic journey. It was there, in 2010, that I embarked on my first spatial intervention. This project marked a crucial milestone for me, as it was the initial instance where I seamlessly integrated video, sound, and painting. Throughout my creative evolution, I've drawn inspiration from a diverse array of sources. Whether immersing myself in crime documentaries, conducting extensive internet research, or delving into literature, I've amassed a wealth of metaphors and stereotypes across various domains such as economics, military and politics, family dynamics, and sexuality. My exploration even led me to analyze documents like the Wikileaks Iraq War Logs, which have contributed to the development of detailed word lists. I refer to this process as "transforming data into information," a term borrowed from the field of "Controlling," which, ironically, was my major. My passion for preserving fragments of collective memory is evident in my collection of vintage group photographs. These snapshots, portraying families, corporate gatherings, or military units, serve as the foundation for my artistic endeavors. I meticulously translate these images into intricate drawings and methodically segment them into fragments. Each piece is then assigned a specific color and theme based on the extensive lists I've curated. Through a meticulous process of arrangement and organization, these fragments are assembled into cohesive grids, resulting in a contemporary hieroglyphic system that reflects the intricate layers of our society.

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