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Architectural Reveries of Power

In my artistic exploration, I navigate the vast expanse of the World Wide Web, seeking high-resolution images of building facades. Transferring these digital fragments onto my graphic board, I craft novel architectural compositions inspired by historical expressions of patriarchal fantasies embodied in monumental structures. ​ Contemplating the legacies of monarchs and contemporary billionaires, whose imprints manifest in grand constructions, I envision a symbolic convergence. This meeting is symbolized by the grandeur of Versailles, known as the castle of castles, and the Burj Khalifa, revered as the world's tallest building. This symbolic union encapsulates the overarching dimension my works gravitate towards. ​ This approach liberates me from the necessity of physical travel, a freedom I cherish. When a building fantasy captivates my imagination, I manifest it through a basic photocollage or a repetitive stencil artwork. My artistic endeavor not only reflects on the persistence of patriarchal monumentality but also questions power dynamics within architecture. The basic collaging style adds a touch of irony, as these seemingly falling-apart structures playfully challenge static patriarchal fantasies. .

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