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Angelo forever 
Aix en Provence FRANCE 2020

6min 59sec                

sound by Olivier Hölzl 

Angelo Pierlo, a close and unconventional friend from my time in Austria, continues to inspire me even after he moved to Aix en Provence. Despite the distance, we collaborated on intense videos in 2020, reacting to the pandemic. Visiting him for his fortieth birthday, the trip took an unexpected turn when he mentioned a recent fever and a pending Covid test. Angelo's unique personality, akin to a shaman, instills trust. Known for his skills in painting, sculpting, and acting, our video project aimed to explore his personality. The shoot, postponed due to his health, finally took place in his southern French home. Provoking him to express through facial and body movements, the intense session captured his exhaustion and authenticity. In post-production, I sculpted the material, avoiding social media filters and commercialized effects. "Angelo Forever 2020" is a product of our creative collaboration, a meaningful highlight in the challenging year.

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