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In 2012 and 2013, I participated in two group exhibitions initiated by "Ausarten." The first exhibition in 2012 was titled "Faith vs. Science," and the second one in 2013 was titled "The Exponential." The first exhibition took place in a temporary abandoned location at Karlsplatz in the center of Vienna. The tension between faith and science lies in their differing approaches to the quest for truth: while faith relies on tradition and spirituality, science pursues objective evidence. This disparity has shaped significant discussions and debates about humanity, existence, and ethics. In the context of faith vs. science, Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" serves as a profound synthesis of spirituality and rational inquiry, embodying the intricate interplay between belief and empirical exploration. For „the Exponential“ 2013 In the last century, humans have become one of the most significant influencing factors on biological, geological, and atmospheric processes. As a force of nature, humans are altering the Earth's surface, atmosphere, flora, and fauna. Against this backdrop, there is an increasing emergence of artistic tendencies that inquire into the causes and effects of these rapidly changing geologies. They navigate through the age of exponential development, technological progress, and the paradigmatic paradox of an endlessly expanding economy. With a vocabulary of economic terms that I have been collecting and archiving for years, I wanted to refer to the endlessly expanding economy, as its specialized terminology also proliferates. Economic growth threatens our planet, yet in the West, the economy is our "sacred cow." The artwork titled "Fly into Your Dreams with Your Guns and Ammunitions" depicts a military cemetery so densely packed that it cannot be entered. Wars, in which thousands of soldiers and civilians perish, are justified to maintain our systems and dreams. The title of the artwork refers to the economic success of one country meaning the oppression of others.

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