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Each assemblage tells a unique story, reflecting consumer behaviors and interests. Objects sourced from friends and ordered online globally illustrate the absurd diversity of a globalized marketplace. While initially devoid of specific meaning, the curated groups serve as fertile ground for narrative exploration. ​ The addition of carefully crafted sentences imbues the objects with information, prompting viewers to search for deeper meanings. This quest mirrors the overwhelming daily influx of disjointed information, contributing to the human tendency to grasp for coherence in the chaos. The work "I don't know anymore what I've liked" mimics the endless scrolling experience on social media, where information bombardment leaves one in a daze. Unlike the digital feed, the assemblage offers an initial overview, allowing the eye to "scroll" across diverse objects. Children's toys, syringes, cartridges, and more coexist independently, overwhelming the viewer. This deliberate chaos echoes the disorienting effects of online scrolling, leaving one uncertain about what they have seen and liked.

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