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light installation

Olivier Hölzl immerses himself in a contemplative journey through the realms of photography, crafting enchanting light installations that echo his exploration of three distinct themes: group photos, majestic interiors, and buildings. His fascination with old group photos unfolds narratives of collective existence, where the facelessness of groups invites introspection into societal structures. Another facet of his work delves into the opulent interiors of prestigious buildings, unraveling visual tales of grandeur and authority. The transformative process unfolds over days, with meticulous drawings paving the way. The act of cutting, a deliberate and meditative ritual, becomes a sanctuary of patience and concentration, a stark contrast to the hustle of daily life. These intricate stencils metamorphose into captivating light installations, a harmonious interplay of blue light, wooden slats, and expansive sheets of paper, strategically spaced to evoke a displacement effect akin to a hologram. Beyond its artistic aspirations, this project unfolds as a personal refuge for Hölzl, a respite from the chaos of everyday existence. Through this distinctive amalgamation of photography, the art of cutting, and luminous installations, Hölzl weaves a humble yet mesmerizing tapestry of visual narratives.

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