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"1000 stuffed animals in 90 Mason Jars"

An installation pairing stuffed animals and Mason jars, representing a child's early relationships and traditional preservation practices. Stuffed animals, symbolic of independence, contrast with Mason jars, now a sustainability icon. This dichotomy comments on consumer habits and environmental impact, highlighting the paradox of 'clean' second-hand stuffed animals made from harmful plastics. The act of beheading the stuffed animals evolves into a symbolic liberation, drawing from a study showing 40% of adults remain sentimentally attached to their childhood toys. Beheading becomes a performative metaphor for emotional liberation. Documented with a Point-of-View camera and set to a personal playlist, the beheadings reference historical acts while adding a contemporary touch. The craft of stuffing heads into jars feels like mastering a skill, creating visually intriguing squashed facial forms as a commentary on consumerism and environmental consciousness.

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