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Stream of Consciousness

The "Stream of Consciousness" project emerged from a desire to create an experimental stop-motion film using unique, individually reworked screen prints. Departing from traditional editions, each print, referred to as an 'epreuve d'artiste,' embraced experimentation and randomness. From abstract motifs drawn on a graphic board to the screen printing studio and a revision process involving spray paint and stencils, each step contributed to the final composition. ​ Photographing and digitally processing the prints allowed for collage-like image series, forming the basis for a stop-motion video. Synchronized with experimental sound samples, the video underwent further editing, incorporating a personal touch with a recorded sequence of the artist. The "Stream of Consciousness" artwork seamlessly combines digital drawing, silkscreen, painting, stencil, photography, video, and sound into a cohesive and visually engaging composition.

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