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The plate series "Salonfähig" was created in 2016 during the presidential elections in Austria, when the country was characterized by political polarization. On one side stood a candidate from the far right, on the other side a candidate from the Greens. Both candidates could each claim nearly 50% of the votes, leading to a deadlock. Tensions were exacerbated when one round of voting had to be repeated due to irregularities in the vote count. Particularly contentious was the fact that the right-wing candidate was a member of the Burschenschaft Marko-Germania. This prompted me to use a fraternity logo to create patterns. My aim was to create a series of decorative plates, akin to those of traditional ceramic companies, that would find their way into bourgeois salons. Hence the name "Salonfähig" (Socially Acceptable). By repeating, cutting, mirroring, rotating, and tearing apart the logo, I created beautiful patterns. After printing the patterns using screen printing, I cut the printed foils apart again, reminiscent of how fraternity members often cut up their faces. This allowed me to create a series of 130 individual plates. The name "Salonfähig" was a logical conclusion, referencing the fact that a politician considered far-right almost became the president of Austria.

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