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Die Lage der Liebe
a collaboration with Katharina Kawalle

Vienna AUSTRIA 2021

5min 9sec

sound by Katharina Kawalle, Olivier Hölzl 

Collaborating with Katharina Kawalle, aka Kathi Power, our project "Die Lage der Liebe" delves into the theme "All Love." Inspired by contemporary philosophical texts on "digital love," our video reflects on societal circles, exploring challenges related to self-love, societal comparisons, and the diminishing eros. The creative process integrated quoted texts seamlessly with voice, performance, video, sound, and music. Armed with minimal recording gear, we transformed my apartment into a makeshift studio. During our exploration, we encountered Kurt Schwitters' Dadaist love poem "Anna Blume," adding a timeless dimension to our contemporary project. Post-production focused solely on Katharina's voice, employing text overlays in various fonts synchronized with her speaking cadence. The visuals and soundscape aim to engage viewers directly, offering a concise commentary on modern relationships. This collaborative endeavor responds to the theme "All Love," showcasing diverse artistic expressions and contributing a unique perspective to the ongoing conversation about the multifaceted nature of love in our digital era.

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