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In 2019, I was invited to the Vienna Museum for the exhibition "Takeover." It was the last exhibition before the museum's renovation. I was assigned two large walls for painting. On one wall, I painted the "Soviet pile of artefacts," which consisted of dozens of interlocked Soviet artifacts. For this, I researched well-known symbols from the Soviet era such as Sputnik, Cheburashka, the car model GAZ 24 "Volga," Lenin statues, fighter jets, etc. Cheburashka is a peculiar but cute creature of unknown species with large fluffy ears. Together, they formed a huge pile of garbage symbolizing the end of an era. On the second wall, I painted a massive group of union workers, consisting of dozens of workers. I arranged the group in a way that they formed a flag shape together. The exhibition was the most successful in the history of the Vienna Museum.

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