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Under black light

In 2014, I exhibited in Munich in the Headegg Gallery.The same installation would also be part of the exhibition "shuffling the cards" in the same year.  Both exhibitions were curated by Alexandra Grimmer.  We developed the idea to make a light and sound installation inside of a 3.5 ton trailer truck. During the opening, the truck was parked to act as an addition to the gallery. For the installation, I cut out intricate drawings on large sheets of paper. The finished cut-outs were finally installed with wooden slats and neon tubes of blue and red light.  The image was based on the fictitious third album cover of Original Low Fi (OLF) designed by Franz Dude and called „under black light“. The hollow interior of the truck had a beneficial effect on the sound quality of our experimental sounds.  Franz Dude, a graduate of Vienna Film Academy, is the mastermind behind Original Low Fi. He creates the beats and the design.  In 2008 the album „Black Peppermint“ and in 2011 the album „Madmen Butterfly“ were produced, both on double vinyl. I rap on both, in French under the name „MC La French Tongue“.  OLF is the basis of my creative work. The encounter with Franz Dude has changed my life permanently. While working on the albums with him I learned camera work, film music, post-production and much more. From the beginning, OLF was a multi sensory project of visual, video, voice, performance, music and experimentation. Many artists follow patterns of success, proven to be pleasing the the audience, thus submit to institutional constraints. Experimentation lacks!  Original Low Fi is neither pleasing nor does it follow any trend.

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