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Transforming a room in Anton Scharff Gasse into a surrealistic stage, Katharina Kawalle and Olivier Hölzl, through their collaborative short film #killhashtag, engage in a multi-sensory experiment combining performance, video, sound, and painting. Olivier Hölzl's performative act, marked by black and red lines, sets the backdrop for the film. This room, encompassing floor and ceiling, undergoes a striking metamorphosis, challenging the viewer's perception between hand-painted and artificially generated by artificial intelligence. Rooted in years of critically examining digital media through philosophical literature, Kawalle and Hölzl delve into the overwhelming influx of meaningless information in the digital age. The mindless scrolling, akin to a digital junkie seeking a fix, perpetuates a cycle of consumption, contributing data to the web without foresight into potential political ramifications. Within the narrative of #killhashtag, the depicted world has devolved into a space where only entertaining content is permissible, while political discourse is strictly prohibited. Advancing technology, relentless in its surveillance, identifies patterns of movement associated with political speech. Faced with these restrictions, the remaining underground rebels decide to express their political statements through dance. The question looms: can this rebellion rescue Homo digitalis from the clutches of digital enslavement?

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