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Braäuhausgasse 31 Vienna 2023

In this project, I embarked on a transformative act, clearing out the accumulated remnants of spray cans in my studio. This decluttering, akin to the rejuvenating effect of a spring cleaning on mental well-being, became a symbolic shedding of excess baggage. Armed with a substantial collection of over 100 cans, I ventured to Bräuhausgasse 31 in Vienna—a vacant residential building that became my canvas. Securing permission to paint an entire room, I encountered a space with a partially preserved living situation. Choosing to paint exclusively with circles, I aimed to symbolize the cyclical nature of life—a continuous loop marked by highs and lows. This thematic exploration, drawing inspiration from Albert Camus' existential philosophy as found in "The Myth of Sisyphus," delves into the acceptance of life's undulating journey, easing its inherent challenges. Unlike the Leipzig project, where a single color dominated and the performance unfolded within a swift five hours, this time, the introduction of various colors brought about unexpected dynamics. The nuanced approach of transforming the performative nature into a four-day painting process allowed for a deeper exploration of the interplay between performance and painting. Upon completion, the room undergoes a fascinating transformation, as its constituents dissolve, creating a visually striking effect. This nuanced and deliberate approach provides a dynamic perspective on the intersection of performance and painting, resulting in a room that pulsates with vibrant energy—a testament to the multifaceted layers of artistic expression.

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