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the broom & the feather duster 

Dakar SENEGAL 2019

5min 29sec    

sound by Olivier Hölzl

Senegalese craftsmanship thrives in the bustling streets of Dakar's "Medina" district, where artisans work their magic directly on the streets. From locksmiths to carpenters, workshops line the thoroughfares, showcasing the mastery of recycling prevalent in Senegal. Everything from old cans to plastic bags finds new life as works of art or design. Even household tools like brooms and feather dusters are meticulously crafted, with each object telling its own story. Among my favorites is a duster with a bamboo handle and a head fashioned from colorful plastic bags, evoking a sense of pride when held. Inspired by these unique finds, I decided to incorporate them into my next video project. During our stay in Senegal, my friend Katharina and I found joy in the simplicity of balancing long feather dusters on our heads, enchanted by their unusual charm. One memorable evening, fueled by laughter and libations, we playfully competed to see who could maintain balance the longest. On the day of the video shoot, Katharina and I ventured to George's terrace, where we meticulously arranged our photo equipment and choreographed our movements. With Katharina on the left and myself on the right, we danced with the brooms in a spontaneous performance, capturing each moment with the remote shutter release. Inspired by Goethe's "Sorcerer's Apprentice," I added rhythmic sweeping sounds and drum beats in post-production, enhancing the enchanting allure of our dance with the dusters.

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