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at home
Tbilisi  GEORGIA 2018

4min 26sec

sound by Olivier Hölzl

In 2017, during a street art festival in Georgia, I embarked on a unique stop-motion project. Visiting an elderly lady's home in Tbilisi, I gained unrestricted access to her objects, providing a glimpse into her life. Setting up a makeshift studio in her living room, I aimed to create a detailed stop-motion video capturing the essence of these objects, viewing them more as overall impressions than intricate details. Initially cautious about disturbing the harmony of her meticulously arranged objects, I sought permission for each item. However, she reassured me, sharing stories behind each object, including mementos from her deceased electrician husband. As the project unfolded, a diverse collection emerged, featuring outdated tech gadgets, vacation memories, and gifts. Amid the creative process, I experienced traditional Georgian hospitality, complete with a hearty feast. Despite feeling full, our rapport flourished, blurring the lines between visitor and resident. However, the challenge arose as I struggled to return the objects to their original places, prompting laughter from the lady. In the end, she appreciated the delightful disorder I brought to her life. With this stop-motion endeavor, my goal was to transport viewers back in time, fostering a sense of familiarity with an old world, much like my initial experience in the woman's home. The project embodies the charm of Georgian hospitality intertwined with the essence of another era.

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