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Mumbai INDIA


1min 32sec

sound by Franz Dude

I have a passion for discovering new objects, and India offers an endless array of treasures waiting to be found. Each street corner in Mumbai holds something unique, sparking my curiosity and leading to countless conversations with locals. I purchase these objects and bring them to life through stop-motion animation, creating stories to share at exhibitions. During a stroll through Mumbai's bustling streets, I encountered a fascinating sight: a large machine mounted on a rolling cart, emitting a loud noise. Below, neatly arranged sticks caught my eye, which I initially mistook for bamboo canes. To my surprise, they were sugar canes, meticulously peeled and fed into the machine by the stand owner. Powered by diesel, the machine resembled a sawmill, crushing the canes to extract their sweet liquid. Despite its size, a tiny plastic cup positioned under a tap caught the extracted juice, highlighting the contrast between the machine and the cup's diminutive size. Intrigued, I struck up a conversation with the stand owner, who explained that sugar cane juice was India's energy drink, renowned for its instant energy boost, digestive benefits, and skincare properties. However, the key was to peel the sugar cane first to avoid a bitter taste. Enthralled by the visual allure of the freshly peeled canes, I expressed my desire to purchase ten of them. Initially misunderstanding my request, the owner eventually agreed, albeit charging the same price as for a cup of juice, which amounted to less than 10 Euro cents. Reflecting on the affordability of this natural product in India compared to the higher costs of industrially processed foods in Europe, I pondered the irony of naturally produced items commanding a premium in so-called wealthy countries.

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