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Jigongshan ART MUSEUM CHINA 2019

4min 54sec

sound by Olivier Hölzl 

During a visit to Xinyang, I stumbled upon unique apples at a local food store, adorned with Chinese characters seemingly embedded in their skin. Fascinated, I later learned that these apples undergo a maturation process where a transparent membrane with patterns or characters covers certain areas, preventing color development in those spots. Upon removal, intricate patterns emerge, making them popularly known as "fa cai guo" or lucky fruits in China. Believed to bring peace, harmony, and prosperity, they are often exchanged as gifts during Chinese New Year. Intrigued by their symbolism, I purchased a dozen to photograph in my makeshift studio at the art museum. Employing a simple choreography, I captured each apple's transformation, enhancing the visuals in post-production with repetitive, accelerated, and slowed-down sequences. To complement the imagery, I integrated traditional Beijing Opera instruments, such as the jinghu and yueqin, into the soundtrack, sourced from an online database. By intricately weaving sound and visuals, the experimental video unfolds, offering a multisensory experience.

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