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home quarantime video diary

To cope with the global crisis one’s personal space is reduced to a minimum called home quarantine. The video diary is based on the objects of that limitedspace which is a surrealistic answer to a surrealistic state. New words that suddenly appeared are being used and the data found on the computer will be put in a contemporary safe! Olivier adopted the idea of maintaining a daily diary through video recordings, perhaps as a coping mechanism in a tumultuous world. His initial video, a collage of photographs, portrayed the daily movement of a spoon in noodle soup amid an emotionally charged atmosphere. Political messages such as "Stay calm," "1 meter distance," and restrictions on kissing and hugging emerged, reflecting the surreal nature of these "strange days." Subsequent videos like "Wash your hands" (Day 8) and "Don't touch your face" (Day 10) continued the diary theme. On Day 10, Olivier utilized media clips featuring politicians repetitively touching their faces, accompanied by contradictory messages from public figures. This stylistic contrast highlighted the absurdity of politicians not adhering to their own advice. A further evolution in style is evident in "Ethnicity does not cause the virus" (Day 17). Olivier used audio snippets from a press conference with then-President Trump, illustrating his simplistic view on labeling the coronavirus as a "Chinese virus." The video emphasized the dangerous consequences of such rhetoric, particularly incidents targeting Chinese Americans. Displayed in the 2021 Light Years Festival in New York, this video gained significance post-Trump era, highlighting the impact of political messaging during the pandemic. In total, five videos were presented, exceeding expectations for the Quarantine Diaries project.

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