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room/2023/ Leipzig

In 2023, Leipzig saw the birth of "Loop," the fifth of its kind, where spray painting is exclusive to unused buildings. The chosen office space in a former Leipzig railway factory lent a historical backdrop, symbolizing the repetitive cycles in both factory systems and our daily lives. Using a head-fixed action camera for a Point of View Performance, the goal was to cover every inch with overlapping red circles, with imperfections intentionally emphasizing the ongoing process over precision. ​ The physically demanding act of painting, especially wearing a fine-filter mask, led to strains in fingers and forearms. The rhythmic sound of spraying, initially discomforting, eventually became meditative. Diminishing oxygen levels brought moments of exhaustion and lapses in concentration, resulting in less perfect circles. However, renewed focus kept the process moving, and the pain in the "spray finger" subsided over time. An unexpected challenge arose when the paint supply ran out. Faced with the choice of aborting the performance or continuing with a different color, the artist chose the latter. Returning with a new color, he embraced the change, and the break outside the room revived his energy. Completing the last circle brought a profound sense of relief. Leaving the room, he felt a mix of euphoria and gradual exhaustion. The next day, a fellow artist questioned the use of two different shades of red, marking the neurotic behavior and signaling the official end of the performance.

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