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Hans & Georgij
Vienna AUSTRIA 2019

4min 32sec

sound by Olivier Hölzl

On my fortieth birthday, I met Georgij Melnikov and Hans Ahnert in the studio for an unplanned photoshoot. While Hans is a close friend and studio mate, Georgij, an artist and gallery owner, shares a unique camaraderie with me. Despite my exhibitions in his gallery, our dynamic revolves around playful banter rather than a traditional gallerist-artist relationship. The studio serves as an Artist Run Space, reflecting Georgij's diverse artistic pursuits in ceramics, painting, and video. Lacking preparation, as is customary for my performative videos, I invited them to engage in a dance using various studio objects. Inspired by Erwin Wurm's One Minute Sculpture, I envisioned Hans and Georgij continuously moving, holding shared objects without a pause. This concept aimed to capture harmonious movement without disrupting the flow. In the absence of musical composition skills, I incorporated five simple piano chords for the sound. Using these chords as a background, I manipulated the video and sound interplay by adjusting speed and maintaining the original pitch, creating an unintentional yet expressive music composition.

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