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Anton Scharff Gasse
Vienna 2021

In a room once filled with desks and chalkboards, I found myself surrounded by rows of red and black spray paint cans. It was a departure from my usual style, where I stuck to just one color. But this time, I wanted to experiment with two. I began by spraying lines all over the room, from the floor to the ceiling. It was like drawing a giant, messy grid, ignoring the room's shape and structure.  Then, I switched between red and black paint, crisscrossing the lines to create a kind of grid. But I didn't worry about making everything perfect. I let the lines curve and bend freely. As I worked, the fumes from the paint made me dizzy, even dough I had full mask protection but I kept going. Moving from one end of the room to the other, holding down the spray can, the colors flowed out in a continuous stream. It was tiring, but seeing the final result made it all worth it. I was exhausted but happy with what I'd created—a colorful, chaotic artistic expression

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