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Jigongshan ART MUSEUM CHINA 2019


no sound

During my time in China, I developed a unique bond with bamboo, a symbol of longevity and resilience in Chinese culture. I stumbled upon a bamboo stick during a stroll near the art museum and it became my constant companion, used for impromptu photoshoots wherever I went. This led to amusing encounters, like when one of the organizers, Lyn, grew exasperated with my attachment to the bamboo. The balancing act of the bamboo stick mirrored China's political dynamics, representing the delicate balance between ideologies and the unexpected challenges, such as the outbreak of the Coronavirus. I captured over 20 sequences of my bamboo stick in various settings, which I exhibited as an installation titled "No Sports, just Art." The videos played on six screens in a loop, creating a visual narrative of my unconventional travels.

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