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textual architectures

In my creative process, I find inspiration in various forms of visual poetry, particularly those that resonate with the digital age. This includes Samsidat literature, Concrete poetry, and Kinetic poetry, all of which explore the visual presentation of text as a crucial aspect of artistic expression. By consciously leveraging the visual qualities of writing, I aim to create pieces that reflect the essence of our modern era. Thematically, my work delves into the critique of contemporary phenomena like Homo Digitalis and Oeconomicus, shedding light on issues such as addictive behavior in the digital age. Through self-criticism, I invent sentences that scrutinize these behaviors, emphasizing their pervasive nature. Additionally, I incorporate two-word compositions from literature that encapsulate addictive tendencies, serving as poignant reminders of our collective struggles. Utilizing online translation tools, I extend the reach of my work by translating sentence lists into languages like Chinese, Russian, and Persian. This process highlights the potential for censorship in certain regions, prompting reflection on the broader implications of our digital interactions. By embracing the inherent inaccuracies of internet translations, I symbolically represent the overwhelming influx of information in our lives. In terms of form, I craft my pieces using sentence lists, arranging them in structures reminiscent of skyscrapers or towers. These formations reflect the ceaseless scrolling motion experienced in digital environments, inviting viewers to navigate through layers of text. The absence of a distinct starting point mirrors the disorienting nature of the internet, where essential information often gets lost amidst the vast expanse of data. Through various mediums such as inkjet printing, zine production, screen printing, painting, and performance, I bring my creations to life, adapting them to different contexts and audiences. Each medium offers unique opportunities for expression, allowing me to explore the intersection of language and visual art in innovative ways. In summary, my work serves as a commentary on the evolving relationship between humans and technology, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of our digital existence. By blending elements of self-reflection, critique, and visual experimentation, I strive to create pieces that resonate with audiences on both intellectual and emotional levels, sparking conversations about the impact of technology on our lives.

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