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objets sénégalais

In 2017, my introduction to stop-motion videos was somewhat accidental. Acquiring a high-quality camera for still life photography in Dakar, Senegal, I found myself captivated by the city's myriad sensory experiences—discovering new objects, observing unique street scenes, and exploring local markets. During my walks, I marveled at special places, encountered fresh fruits, and observed fascinating goods, particularly intrigued by the distinct ways items were assembled. Dakar's local markets stood in contrast to supermarkets dominated by international brands, often unaffordable for the average citizen. The resulting video, composed of over 1000 photos, offers a genuine glimpse into Senegalese life, highlighting their spiritual and natural connection to food and handcrafted items. Street artisans even repurpose recycled materials into birds, providing a whimsical commentary on food branding in Senegal.

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